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Automated Employment Verification API Software

Verify the employment claims and credentials your candidates provide.

Seamless Search employment verification API confirms it all to keep your decision making clear.

Employment History  ●  Criminal Records  ●  Tenant Data  ●  Credential Checks  ●  MVR reports

One Employment Verification API to Verify Every Result

Qualified candidates lead to excellent employees. But applicants aren’t always honest about their employment background.

Dodge falsehoods, ensure accurate submissions, and hire confidently with your employment verification API’s candidate-approved entries. Each employment result you retrieved gets peer-reviewed by confirmation crews to guarantee validity.


of Americans admit to lying on resumes

$110 million

US-businesses lose each day to employee crime

Eliminate Manual Employment Verifications.

Enjoy Automatic Alerts.

Automated Employment Verification Software

Instantly verify reported work histories with past employers, previous job titles, date ranges applicants held positions, and more by automating to inform your best hiring decisions.

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International Education Verifications

Validate candidate academic records with built-in verification API for earned degrees, grade point averages, attendance dates, and other authentications that assure their qualifications.


boast false skills, from known software to languages


embellish their GPA by more than half-a-point


lie about where they really went to school

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Salary & Income Verifications

Background check candidate salary with current & prior wage reports, gig economy earnings, and other crucial payment info revealed by your income verification API.


lie about salary during job interviews 


stretch dates & omit other employers

14+ months

most employee theft goes undetected

More Employment Verification Services

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Confirm candidate and customer addresses to ensure accurate deliveries and regional benefits.

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Credit Scores

Check credit score performance and eliminate hidden risks from your business decisions.

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Professional Licenses

Verify licenses & training to guarantee employees hold the right certifications with all their documents up to date.

Ready for Employee Onboarding

Make your Form I-9 hiring process effortless with Seamless Search E-Verify


Candidate-Approved Employee Verifications

Seamless Search employee and degree verification API services are candidate-approved and consumer-permissioned, giving candidates control over their entries for greater accuracy and cleaner compliance.

Your confirmation crews follow up fast to confirm applicant claims, then you get sent the results.

It’s that simple.

Employee History, Education, Salary Verifications & More

Fill positions with full clarity over your employment background check data.

Your Seamless Search employment verification API makes every background check transparent.

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