Our verification services include checking employment histories, educational degrees, professional licenses, and income. Our unique approach uses our consumer-permissioned data platform to offer our clients a seamless process. Consumer-permissioned data introduces a new relationship between the consumer and their data. By working with a consumer-permissioned data platform, like Seamless Search, the consumer provides secure access to their data but consents to share ONLY the necessary information with the requesting business. 

The platform plays two roles in the transaction: (1) it ensures that only the permission information is shared with the requesting business, and (2) it guarantees the source of the data to the requesting business. Most importantly, unlike information-gathering agents that work on behalf of the requesting business, the platform is working on behalf of the consumer. 

By using a consumer-permissioned data model, the consumer maintains control over their data. They can safely and securely share their information, knowing that only the necessary, specifically-requested information is disclosed to the requesting business. 

The Power of QuickVerify tm

QuickVerify™ offers a seamless, natively integrated, and electronically delivered verification request. Eliminate all the unnecessary delays, while saving time by emailing the verifier. Ensure consistency and accuracy of your verification process by leveraging the power of QuickVerify.

QuickVerify™ is a standard feature in the Seamless Search Software and can be used with five search types; reference, employment, personal, professional, and residence verifications. The user simply selects the search for a verification and QuickVerify automatically delivers an email directly to the verifier. Once they accept and complete the questionnaire, the verification is complete and the information is automatically populated back into the verifier’s record. If you are worried about your request getting lost in their inbox, QuickVerify has you covered. Reminder emails are sent to the verifier once a day for 5 days and if the verification isn’t completed within the allotted time frame, it will simply expire.

Eliminate manual verifications Leverage the power of QuickVerify

Does Everything Check out?

Everyone wants to look as good as possible on their resume. To some degree, most applicants will posture and wordsmith, toeing the line between truthful and slightly misleading. However, data shows that there are a significant number of candidates who explicitly present lies about themselves, their education, past employment, and qualification credentials. These lies can significantly influence hiring decisions if not identified early on, affecting workplace dynamics in negative ways.

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