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Background Checks

Reviewing an individual's past is vital to making a great hire. The data we provide helps employers associate risk with an individual. Our customizable process allows us to create the perfect seamless search for your specific business. 

Driving Records

Our Motor Vehicle Reports are conducted on a state-by-state basis with information gathered directly from the state of issuance. Our reports are compliant, fast, accurate, and precise—a great addition to your screening process.

Drug Testing

Our partnership with our parent company helps us provide a full range of drug testing options. We can accommodate every business and every need with access to over 23,000 collection sites and servicing over 43,000 clients!

Tenant Reports

Our Tenant Reports provide detailed information on an individual's rental history. It allows for communities to remain safe from the wrong occupants. This enables our clients to improve their resident profile, reduce tenant damages, and decrease non-paying renters. 

Compliance Consulting

Our parent company has retired DOT auditors, employment experts, and attorneys to assist you with any compliance need. With over 75 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge to guide your business's success.


Verifications are an important part of any hiring process. This hiring element can protect a company, as well as fellow employees and management professionals. Verifications include: I-9 (E-Verify), Education, Employment, Professional License, and Reference

We Do More Than Check Boxes

While some providers may skim the surface of candidate information, Seamless Search goes to the furthest depths of each and every search we initiate in order to provide all the insights you need. Our team is made of professional researchers with an average of over five years of experience each. Our aim is to provide you with the clearest, most comprehensive picture possible so you can carry out your hiring process with ease and intention.

Our processes are flexible and can easily accommodate your unique needs. Customization is our specialty. Find out why over 43,000 clients trust us as their background screening partner.

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