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Instant Drug & Health Testing

Protect your employees and your workplace.
Test anyone for anything on-demand with remote drug testing and same-day drug testing.

Custom Services  ●  End-to-End Solutions  ●  MRO Reports 

  Occupational Health Services  ●  Remote Drug Testing

Instant Drug Testing and Remote Drug Testing
Employee Health = Business Health

For your teams to achieve their best, you need to ensure everyone’s fit to perform and prepared to stay safe.


Seamless Search makes it easy to order simple, accurate, and instant drug testing for a healthier workplace.

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Medical bills shrink by 3x with Wellness Screening ROI

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28% of workers use drugs During their Daily Commute

Workplace fatalities icon.png

20% of workplace fatalities
Occur Under the Influence

Partner with 23,000+

Collection Sites – Certified Lab Partners – Medical Review Officers

Faster Drug Testing. Seamless Screening. Safer Business.

Professional screening services are the only way to remove drug and health risks from your day-to-day.

From workers operating under the influence, to employees spreading general illnesses companywide, you need to know who’s at-risk to catch health and compliance concerns before they become problems.

Make your same day testing seamless.

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Screen to Save More

It takes time to find facilities and arrange tests. Time your teams could better spend elsewhere.


Seamless Search employee health

screenings are end-to-end and

all-in-one to keep your testing quick, simple,

and at the best available prices.

  • At-work substance abuse costs employers over $81 Billion per year.

  • Drug screenings for employment reduce work comp incidence rates by 50%.

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Protect your Productivity

Employees work together better when

everyone’s healthy and everyone knows it. 

Access instant drug testing and health

screenings from anywhere—on-site or in

centers—to get the clearest results with

minimal interruption.

  • Employees abusing illicit substances are
    10x more likely to show up late or miss work.

  • 18% of employees lose productivity due to opioid abuse alone.

Get Same Day Drug Tests & Health Screening

Arrange effortless same day drug and health screenings that bolster your business and staff with streamlined simplicity.

Seamless Search facilitates the fastest tests under the highest standards—taking all scheduling busywork out of your hands.

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Employee Testing

for Every Industry

Our seamless network, expert testing programs, and custom solutions cover every health and drug employee screening your business needs.

From routine scans to post-accident drug testing, your health screening partners are always standing-by to help.

Trust Clear Results

from Top Clinics

We audit each of our testing partners to ensure your business, staff, and candidates all receive the highest quality care.

Every drug and health screening you order can also be monitored to ensure proper processes are always followed.

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Order Any Test at Any Location

Setup professional employee drug and health screening services with remote specialists, or at testing facilities near you.

Seamless Search remote test data is digital and

on-demand to reveal your candidate’s results anywhere at any time.

Cater Candidate Experiences

Host simple screenings where test takers are most comfortable to keep new candidates and old employees happy.

Seamless Search drug and health screenings minimize interruption to keep your testing day productive.

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Seamless Drug & Health Screening Types

Post-Incident orders icon (1).png

Post-Incident Orders

Call for immediate post-accident drug tests and reasonable suspicion screenings 24/7.

Occupational Health Services icon (1).png

Occupational Health Services

Leverage full-range health services, including on-site blood tests, vaccines, access
to therapists & more.

On-site Icon (1).png

On-Site & Remote Service

Conduct tests at a

partnered site near you
or get remote drug testing at your own location.

MRO Services icon (1).png

MRO Services

Guarantee test accuracy with medical review officer reports.

Drug Alco tests icon (1).png

Drug & Alcohol Tests

Test any sample for intoxicants—saliva, blood, hair, urine & more—to ensure a drug-free environment.

Medical Que.. icon (1).png

Medical Questionnaires

Issue medical assessments and process them in moments to easily keep with compliance guidelines.

Seamless Health Screenings: Step-by-Step

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Setup your Network 

for services, costs, and acceptable distance

Group 37.png

Order any Test

Seamless Search arranges your best option

Group 38.png

Review your Results

See what findings your tests turned up

Get in Touch.
Go Seamless.

Access full-service health screenings & same day drug testing that helps you thrive.

Seamless Search is here to make business health simple.

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