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Why Drug Test? 

Whether you are required to test or choose to test, it is an essential part of screening. Most workplaces decide to try to mitigate risk and promote a safer workplace. Seamless Search offers a drug-testing program for every industry, from our expertly developed Department of Transportation (DOT) Program to our Line Builder Program, to our client-specific customizable solution. It all starts with the collection site, so we did as well. We are here for you with 23,000+ in-network locations, certified lab partners, and in-house certified medical review officers.

Hiring Remotely?

Seamless Search allows you to seamlessly design your network's parameters based on services, cost, and acceptable distance. Our clinic scorecard will enable us to monitor all our drug testing clinics to ensure proper processes are followed and temporarily remove clinics that do not meet our strict quality standards. With our Electronic Chain of Custody Form process, we have better access to service our clients at any location. Our method improves your candidates' experience and reduces your time from offer to start!  

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Types of Drug & Health Screening

  • 24/7 Post-Accident & Reasonable Suspicion testing

  • Alcohol Testing

  • Drug Testing

  • Instant Drug Testing

  • Instant Drug Testing Products

  • Electronic Chain of Custody forms

  • Full Coordination Services

  • Hair Drug Testing

  • Medical Questionnaire

  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services

  • Occupational Health Services

  • Point of Collection Testing (POCT)

  • Saliva Drug Testing

  • and more

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