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ATS Background Check 

Impress online candidates with easy self-service tools that let new prospects qualify themselves.

QuickApp™ is your seamless Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with background checks integrated for sharper results.

Decrease Hiring Delays by


 Enhance Talent Pools by


Self-Service Applications  ●  Custom Qualifications  ●  Full-Range Screenings  

Any-Device Ready  ●  Branded Pages  ●  ATS Background Checks

“Done for You” ATS Background Checks

Watch qualified candidates come to your positions with ATS background checks they order themselves.

QuickApp™ automates your online vetting & tracking processes to ensure the only applicant profiles that come across your desk are relevant and ready to go.

All QuickApp™ submissions you receive are:

●  Pre-Checked & Well-Qualified

●  Data Protected & User-Approved

●  Digital, Paperless & Always Online

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QuickApp™ Any Screening

Set criteria for your ATS background checks to automate applications around your core needs.

QuickApp™ full-range screenings let candidates order every background check your positions require.


●  Employment History & Internships

●  Academic Degrees & Certificates

●  Tenant & Residence Records

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●  Health & Legal Restrictions

●  Driving & Criminal Records

●  & More

Your Unique Business.
Your Custom QuickApp™

QuickApp™ pages are hostable anywhere, stylized around your brand, and only take 2-5 days to launch.

All digital, all online, and all built for your business.

Get in touch for your QuickApp™ benefits today!

Online Application Tracking made Simple

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Streamline Applications & Reviewal

Leave data entry to your candidates with custom submission pages and real-time automation for easy applying and effortless reviewal.

QuickApp™ reporting tools send top candidate alerts directly to your inbox—tossing aside any entries that don’t meet your standards.

Set Custom Criteria & Sit Back

Approve and reject candidates without lifting a finger by configuring QuickApp™ around your unique business workflows.

Set your qualifications, attach key documents, and brand your page. QuickApp™ covers your background check tracking from there.

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Host Online for All

Connect with candidates from anywhere in the world and review their digital background check tracking data at any time.

QuickApp™ applications work on any device, with automated file management and instant data retrieval for easy online access.

Pay Once. QuickApp™ Forever.

Offer background check tracking to any number of candidates on your self-application pages.

After a one-time setup fee, you’re free to host your limitless QuickApp™ solution for as long as you like.

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Cleared Application Submissions

Achieve greater standing with industry regulations and spend less time working over ATS background check data compliance.

QuickApp™ collects your candidate information with automated security tools for safer, smoother, selections.

Bring Them Over with QuickApp™ ATS Background Checks

Excellent candidates get a lot easier to find when they start coming to you.

Bring QuickApp™ to your application channels and fill positions fast.

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