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Instant MVR Reports

It takes great hires to drive great business success.

Streamline your background checks to find the quality drivers you need.

Instant MVR Reports  ●  Employment Profiles  ●  CDL Background Checks 

  Trucking Backgrounds  ●  License Data  ●  Violation & Restrictions

Instant Motor Vehicle Record Reports and MVR Monitoring

Find the perfect commercial drivers for your positions with effortless CDL & MVR background checks, trucking pre-employment screenings, and more.

Seamless Search compares candidates from all U.S. regions and Canadian provinces against your specified hiring requirements to determine ideal drivers.

Instant MVR Reports and CDL Background Checks

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Define Driver Requirements

for the commercial motorists you seek

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Search MVR & CDL Records

and automatically

compare candidates

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Select your New Driver

with your best hiring options revealed

Pre-Employment Screening & Save

Cut the busy work from your CDL background checks and general MVR checks to save time and resources for the tasks that matter most.

Seamless Search CDL background checks automate around your business—custom adapting your existing workflows—to make every end of driving record reviews seamless.

●  Automate searches to simplify hiring and outperform filing deadlines

●  Perform limitless MVR monitoring & CDL background checks individually or in bulk

●  Integrate tools you already use to qualify and track your drivers

●  Stop waiting with instant record searches that return results in minutes

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CDL Background Checks

All CDL background checks you conduct through the Department of Transportation (DOT) get reviewed and verified by Seamless Search confirmation teams.

Our nationwide record searches keep skilled people at their core to guarantee sharper results in less time—and make hiring decisions for dependable drivers easier than ever.

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Every result you receive gets audited by real people from Seamless confirmation crews.

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Interpret outcomes with Seamless experts that are happy to help with hiring decisions.

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Consult free for Seamless answers to any DOT CDL background check questions.

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Steer Around Issues with Instant MVR Reports and CDL Background Checks

Keep business steady with expert MVR reports that reveal potential problems early on.

Seamless Search delivers the fastest and clearest industry results with 99.7% reporting accuracy and immediate turnaround times.

Defend Against:

●  Bad hires with instant MVR reports and CDL background checks that uncover every incident

●  Compliance violations with automated tools that keep daily processes clean

●  Insurance hikes from the avoidable accidents that instant MVR reports help dodge

●  Reputation damage from poor drivers that tarnish your brand image on-the-road

Continuous MVR Monitoring

CDL Background Checks

Get the employee info you need to protect your commercial driving enterprise and thrive.

Seamless Search is here to inform your best business hiring decisions.

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