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Discover how near real-time data and alerts can change your workplace! Save time, money, and better protect your employees, brand, and bottom line.

Why order Monitoring Services? 

Seamless Search's monitoring services provide a wide variety of information needed for employment screening:

  • Near real-time arrest record data

  • Sex Offender Registry data

  • Criminal Records

  • Sanctions, Exclusions, and Actions

  • Professional Licenses

  • Real-Time driving citation data for commercial drivers


Identifying the most suitable candidates and acquiring the best talent is a significant first step. Monitoring allows clients to have a program in place that helps mitigate post-hire risk like negligent retention. The safety of employees and customers and protecting your brand can be as important as the original hiring decision

Reduce Crashes with 24/7 MVR Monitoring

Our Seamless MVR monitoring software sends near real-time alerts any time and employee receives a violation including speeding tickets, DUIs, and license suspensions. Having timely insights into high-risk driving behavior helps companies like yours intervene with at-risk drivers before they're disqualified or cause a crash. Best yet, eliminates the time consuming process of pulling and analyzing confusing MVRs.

MVR monitoring has helped our clients:

  • Reduce insurance premiums by up to 60 percent

  • Experience up to $50k in annual administration savings

  • Digitize and better enforce safety policies

  • Retain 73 percent of at- and high-risk drivers through proactive intervention strategies

Not convinced yet? On average, Seamless Search Monitoring customers experience:

  • 22 percent reduction monthly in violations

  • 14 percent reduction monthly in crashes

  • 32 percent reduction in company risk profile events

To learn more about how Seamless MVR monitoring can help your business, reach out to us today! 

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