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Continuous Background Screening
& Criminal Monitoring

Stay secure and cut your costs with continuous background screenings that work behind the scenes.

Seamless Search real-time screening software reveals it all to keep your business safe.

Reduce Averaged Risk Profile

by 32% 

Decrease Business Insurance Premiums

by up to 60%

Real-Time Checks  ●  Criminal Registry Data  ●  Healthcare Alerts  ● 

Professional Licenses  ●  Driver Monitoring  ●   Sanctions & Exclusions

Real-Time Background
Checks for all Employees

Your business can’t afford to let hazardous hires run rampant.

Mitigate post-hire risk, avoid negligent staff retention, and celebrate your top talent with real-time background checks for everyone you employ.

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62% of company damages
come from unchecked negligence

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88% of costly data breaches
are caused by regular employees

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$50 billion a year are lost
due to ongoing workplace crimes

Continuous Criminal Monitoring

Track legal developments across all your employees and get the information you need to keep business secure.

From criminal records to workplace sanctions, continuous background screenings report all key changes to your employees’ legal working status right away.

● Protect your brand with continuous criminal reports.

● Receive healthcare alerts for workplace restrictions.

● Track license and certification expirations.

All Seamless Search continuous criminal monitoring solutions are updated for you—in real-time or intervals you adjust—to ensure no crucial employee reports go unnoticed.

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Seamless Driver Monitoring

Monitor the legal status of each commercial driver you hire—from ride share providers to industrial truckers.

Real-time driver performance insights help you intervene with at-risk motorists before they disqualify themselves through crashes, DUIs, or other avoidable incidents.

● Save time with digitally simplified MVR reports.

● Save up to $50 thousand in annual admin fees.

● Enjoy higher driver quality with less turnover.

Seamless Search real-time driver background checks reduce company crash rates by an average of 14%, on-the-road violations by 22%, and retain 73% more drivers through proactive risk intervention.

Continuous Background Screening Solutions for Every Industry

Avoid Costly Incidents & Reduce Employee Turnover

Good employee screening doesn’t just end when new hires enter a position.

People are always changing, and to keep compliance in today’s world of business, continuous employee screenings have become just as crucial as your first background checks for the initial hiring decision.

Seamless Search monitoring keeps you informed on your employee statuses with automated:

●  Criminal Record Verifications

●  Sex Offender Registry Updates

●  Workplace Prohibition Reports

●  License Expiration Alerts

Finding great employees and filling positions with reliable talent is crucial to success. But it takes more than pre-employment screenings to protect your business and prevent good hires from going sour.

Ongoing employee monitoring is the only surefire way to address your post-hire risk factors.

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Continuous Background Checks for Better Business

Seamless Search continuous background checks uncover negligent and criminal employee behavior early.

Lock down damages before they have a chance to take place.

Protect your brand today.

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