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Instant Background Check Software

Protect yourself from bad hires and rowdy residents with deeper, instant background checks that make candidate searches a cinch.


of applicants submit inaccurate info


U.S. adults carry criminal records

Employment History  ●  Criminal Records  ●  Tenant Data  ●  Credential Checks  ●  MVR reports

24-Hour Background Checks. More Seamless. More Results.

Harness the most powerful background check software ever deployed.

Seamless Search brings you higher-quality, peer reviewed, data that outperforms all other background screening solutions — with the greatest accuracy scores (99.9%), best applicant retention rates (99.7%), and most integrations (215+) to date.

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Hire with Confidence

Obtain every public and private applicant record you need to uncover your ideal employee.

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Streamline Hiring Process 

Conduct automated background checks custom adapted to your existing employment workflows.

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Enhance Result Quality 

Produce easy-to-understand employment background reports that leave no stone unturned.

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Boost Applicant Enjoyment

Offer speedy online background screenings and instant applications to make great first impressions.

3 Seamless Steps

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Submit your Search

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Wait for Results

(most arrive in 15-mins)

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Review your Candidates

More Info. More Gains.

Seamless background check software puts the crucial employee details you need to see at your fingertips.

Get the full background history of each applicant you consider—our confirmation crews are standing-by to guarantee each result you get.

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Instant Background Check Screening Software that Lets Candidates Submit their own Background Checks

More Personal. More Performance.

Your background check software operates alongside your existing business workflows to make automated

pre-employment screenings simple as can be.

If you ever need a hand, Seamless Search support staff are always ready to ensure you never end up filling positions in the dark.


Smarter Screening

Seamless background check software delivers clearer-than-ever screening results while enhancing each applicant’s experience.


All-Device Ready

Conduct background candidate searches,

offer self-service applications, and review your findings

from anywhere.


Custom & Personal

Deploy employment screening software
with built-for-you automation and integrations to your favorite platforms.


Always On-Hand

Expect speedy customer service when seeking support. Seamless Search experts are always ready to help source your ideal business solution. 

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Less Wait. Less Worry.

Seamless Search online background checks are instant, accurate, and on-demand to get your favorite applicants in-the-door ASAP. 

We audit every step of your pre-employment screenings to remove hiring hazards, eliminate compliance risks, and deliver the most accurate results in less than 72-hours. 

Excellent Instant Background Checks are Essential

Tracking down every piece of relevant info surrounding your potential employees is easier said than done. 

But doing anything less invites more risk than your business can afford.

Seamless Background Check Software Saves You From…

●  Counterfeit Credentials

     that lead to costly mis-hires & damaging lease                 agreements

●  Compromised Safety 

     to theft & violence among workplaces & residences

●  Computer CyberCrime

     when bad hires steal & misuse your good data

●  Compliance Fines

     for negligent hiring practices & applicant approvals

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Reveal Every Detail

It takes accurate information to dodge background screening pitfalls, and to do business without disruption, that information needs to come quick.


Problem Is

Key info on your applicants—including criminal background records for potential employees and credit scores for would-be tenants—get restricted from public searches. Meanwhile, the candidate info that actually is publicly available still needs to be verified against common search discrepancies.

This all makes it impossible to access the clear-cut data you need to confidently fill positions without a professional pre-employment background screening software. 

And that’s where Seamless Search comes in.

Start Searching Seamless Today

Just point to potential candidates and watch

self-service app submissions come to you.

Seamless background checks take care of the rest.

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