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Background Checks

Hire with confidence, implement a seamless background check process today! Get fast, thorough background checks and protect your company against hiring the wrong people. Contact us to see what differences a seamless process can make on your candidate experience and hiring process!

Why Seamless Search? 

Building a great team starts with a trusted partner that delivers the easiest and end-to-end pre-employment background check workflow in the industry. 

  • Automated Workflows - Seamless Search takes you step-by-step through a seamless paperless workflow.

  • Simple To Understand - Our background checks are simple, clear, and easy to review.

  • Worry-Free Results - Advanced data engineering, quality assurance and industry-leading data sources deliver reliable results with a dispute rate of <0.1%

Background Checks are Not Created Equal

What are employment criminal background checks, and how does criminal activity impact background checks for employers? Getting a complete picture of a candidate’s criminal history is often more complex than people think. At Seamless Search, we make it easy for you to make accurate, efficient, and informed hiring decisions through a combination of robust solutions, resources, and technology. 

Background check services, allow you to: 

  • Uncover more criminal activity

  • Gain direct access to more US criminal records

  • Deliver more accurate results by maintaining high levels of quality controls by filtering and auditing at every step

  • Deliver faster criminal search results to you to get new hires to work sooner

  • Help you mitigate risk with our compliance-enabled features

Smart Software

Our intelligent software helps us provide a seamless candidate-friendly background check experience.

Mobile Friendly

Candidates enter information and digitally sign consent forms on any device. Employers get answers at their fingertips fast!


Our Seamless Search software was designed to create a seamless employment screening experience for any employer, no matter the need.


We pride ourselves on our customer service. We are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you to a seamless compliant solution.

The Seamless Difference

Our technology delivers results in hours, not days. We combine advanced proprietary technology with the human touch to provide high-quality results, advancing our pursuit of continuous improvement and a seamless hiring experience. For example, our direct technology enables us to expand our digital access to court records. By leveraging assisted and augmented intelligence, we offer noteworthy improvements in turnaround time. We complete 70% in the first 15 minutes, 79% in the first hour, and 90% in the first day for criminal background searches. 

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Technology with a Human Touch

Seamless Search doesn't just use technology alone for our background check services. Our researchers and experts use a consultive approach to apply technology in the most appropriate ways to deliver the high-quality results that we are known for. We evaluate data at every step of the criminal screening process, reducing the opportunity for errors to occur. 

Our advanced technology is designed with regulatory compliance as its foundation by applying filters to support alignments with federal and state reporting requirements. We leverage assisted and augmented intelligence because we believe humans and technology can and should continuously interact. 


Let’s Work Together

So, what exactly comprises a background check? More specifically, how are our screening services different? Seamless Search background services are designed for today’s modern global workforce. Our robust suite of background screening services can be tailored to fit your specific business needs and requirements.

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