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A Seamless Process

What does seamless mean to you? Seamless has no awkward transitions, interruptions, or indications of disparity. At Seamless Search, we strive to make every background check or driving record search seamless. Our seamless searches help you hire with peace of mind.


A Smart Process

Seamless search offers over 120+ seamless integrations with HRIS, ATS, and other hiring or property management systems. Through our partnership with our parent company, our clients have access to the best hiring data at a cost-effective price.  Join us today and learn how our seamless search and integrations can improve your employment screening and hiring process!

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We know Background Screening is a competitive industry, there is plenty of choice. We believe that the difference between average and great is determined by principles of good management which is designed around people, process, and technology. 

We have tried and tested processes developed to exceed clients' unique needs. Our state-of-art technology is built with your candidate in mind. For those reasons Seamless Search is considered a top provider. Learn more