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Seamless Background Screening

Discover your best applicants with on-demand screenings that keep your focus on real potential.




Client Retention


Peer Reviewed

Customers Say,

The staff was great at explaining what type of background checks we
should run and if we had a question, they would actually answer the phone! Seamless Search also helped us avoid hiring some bad eggs...

— Ben Thomas, Safety

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Seamless Searches are

● Designed for You

● Scaled to Your Growth 

● Verified by Real People

● Accurate & Fast

● Integrated with your Platforms 

Seamless Results

Find ideal candidates FAST with instant screenings that

                                   guarantee accuracy.

Seamless Search enhances investigative reports while cutting away the busywork through an innovative blend of built-for-you digital tech and expert human care. 

Our in-person confirmation crews validate all your retrieved info using legal records online—or by visiting local courthouses when required—to eliminate distractions and make your top candidates clear.

Seamless Precision. Confident Decisions.

● Job & Tenant Screenings 

● Safety & Drug Reports

● Driver’s License Validations 

● Self-Service Tools  

& More

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Seamless Services

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Background Checks

Defend your enterprise with instant background checks.


I-9 & E-Forms

Process new hires with less hassle and 3x the speed.


Drug & Health Testing

Ensure every employee is healthy and ready to perform.


24/7 Monitoring 

Drop daily risks with real-time health, driving, & arrest records. 

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Driving Records

Drive better 

business decisions

using motor vehicle reports.

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Search Verifications

Validate your results with court records & confirmation crews.

Screen Smarter

You can’t risk good positions on bad candidates.


Great background checks are essential.

But when your teams are left to administrate clunky screening software, worry over compliance concerns, and sift through invalid candidates—their time begins to waste.

Seamless Search keeps things simple by keeping people at its core.

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Our technology is incredible.
But you can’t replace a human touch.

-Trevor Clark, CEO

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Sharper Searches. Clearer Choices.

Seamless Search goes beyond your average background check to ensure the right people always end up in the right seats. 

Our teams and tools work in tandem behind the scenes to deliver your smoothest background checks possible.

● Automated Systems 

free your time and cut costs.

● Integrated Tools 

search & report within any platform.

● Custom Built Screenings  

cater to your exact needs.

● On-Demand Results  

always get confirmed by real people. 

200+ Software Integrations


79% of Applicants Find Openings on SmartPhones.
Meet Them There.

Search Any Industry

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Streamline new hires and manage smoother turnover by improving the quality of your staff screenings across the board. 



Generate safety reports, workers comp cases, and drug tests on-demand with your comprehensive reporting suite.


Tenant Screening

Review applicant history with full transparency and deploy easy self-service pages that let tenants qualify themselves.


Human Resources

Source trustworthy workers, avoid common compliance hiccups, and confirm the credentials of every candidate who catches your eye.

Always Seamless. Always Secure.

From clearing potential candidates to protecting digital data, screening security is crucial.

Seamless Search’s simple-yet-robust background check software is SOC 2 and PCI certified to ensure your protection.


We observe the highest security standards industry-wide and prompt all applicants for FCRA certification to ensure their commitment to compliance.

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It’s a good day for seamless screening.

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